Are you looking to start selling your products online?

Goondiwindi & Co is an ecommerce marketplace that showcases brands within Goondiwindi and it's surrounds. We promote our region by promoting the amazing individuals and businesses that live here and we're hoping that someone is YOU!

Goondiwindi & Co is not just an ecommerce platform. We believe in setting you up to succeed and helping you to grow (if that's your thing). This means enabling you to set your business up correctly, market yourself better and help you in whatever else your business needs to succeed! We want to support you in all the facets of your business that you struggle with because we know that running a business is hard!

So how do I get involved?

As we are promoting all the amazing things that come out of our region we do have a couple of values that we hold our products to before you're able to start selling in on our marketplace.

  1. Your product has to be either #handmade or #handraised in Goondiwindi and surrounds. We sell items that showcase what our region has to offer and as such, it needs to have either of these qualities.
  2. Your Goondiwindi and surrounds loosely means 200kms on any side of Goondiwindi township. There's a lot of magic happens in that 200km radius and as a regional community, we don't live based on a border.
  3. You need to be passionate about your product, your business and our region. We can't be the only source of marketing and promotion of your business. You know your customer better than anyone so you need to be a driving force within your business too!

Is there anything that I need to provide?

As we want to support you to be your best self, there are a couple of criteria we would like for you to have! These are put in place to ensure that you are protecting yourself and creating a solid foundation for your business before selling to the rest of Australia. These include:

- An ABN or be an Incorporated entity: If you don't have one of these it's easy to set one up online. Talk to a professional about what is the best entity for your needs.

- Public liability insurance: This is to protect you and your business. If you have any interactions with the general public on a regular basis it is recommended that you obtain public liability insurance.

- If you are selling food products, you will need to ensure you have the correct licenses and labelling requirements: This is to again, to protect you and your business.

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