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“Your future depends on your dreams, so go to sleep.”  – Mesut Barazany

We all go through phases of our lives where sleep can be difficult. Between work, family, kids, household chores and I haven't even mentioned the fun things in life, what can we do make sure we get enough of the right quantity but more importantly quality sleep? Check out our list of helpful suggestions to a better nights sleep.

  1. Start a sleep routine: One of the easiest ways to teach yourself to sleep is to give your body some prompts that it's bed time. Just like with babies, parents will give them a bath or a bottle or music as a signal. Who doesn't want to sleep more like a baby?
  2. Just add lavender: There's been many studies that show that lavender can help you to fall asleep but can also improve the quality of sleep. You can add an Eye Bliss Pillow over your eyes, a Lavender Sachet under the pillow or even just use the beautifully scented Shona's Hand & Body Lavender Lotion just before you go to sleep.
  3. Listen up: Pop in some headphones and let the world go quiet. A meditation app such as Calm or Headspace or great if meditations you're thing. Something I personally have started listening to is a podcast called Nothing Much Happens - Bedtime stories for Adults. Kathryn Nicolai has a soothing voice and as the podcast says, she tells a story about nothing and for some reason, it gets me to sleep within 30mins max.
  4. Stay warm and toasty: Snuggle under a blanket, use a weighted blanket or my favourite, use a wheat pack! Our faves are from Carpendale Creative obvs.
  5. Automate it: If tech is your thing, or you know someone who does, why not automate it. Dim or turn your lights yellow with an automated smart home system. Set your phone for down time/app limit which restricts your phone usage at certain times a day. My personal favourite is the Do Not Disturb setting on my phone which automatically hides your notification after your set sleep routine time.

I hope that these suggestions can help you to have sweeter dreams! Let us know if you have any other ideas!

xx Laryssa

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