Gillies Patch Handmade Soap

We recently asked a couple of questions to David Gill, the owner of Gillies Patch. David is a passionate Goondiwindi local who creates beautiful handmade soap with locally grown produce. Find out more about David.

How long have you been in Goondiwindi for? 

I’ve been in Goondiwindi for 3.5 years which is the longest I’ve lived anywhere, apart from my hometown Pittsworth.

What brought you to Goondiwindi?

Family brought me to Goondiwindi. I was living In Tamworth and with an elderly mum and dad Living in Pittsworth, I thought it was time to come home (kinda).

Gillies Patch - David Gill holding a bowl of freshly picked Lily Pilly


What makes you stay here?

The community and the beautiful river. Goondiwindi is a very special place with heaps of bush tucker, a beautiful river and a community who truly help each other. 

What opportunities do you think you received in Goondiwindi that you don’t think you could’ve received anywhere else?

I’m a qualified chef who has hospitality experience living in a rural setting which comes with challenges. Goondiwindi locals really embraced my experience and believed in me and so I was really able to continue working on my passion of working with local produce. I believe you attract the energy you put out! 

What got you into making soaps and food products? 

I’ve always had a creative background from an early age where I was into art cooking and singing/music. I think creating my own label/business is that I’ve always wanted. Something that I can share with my local community and the world. I believe in rising together and if I can create a product that the community can be proud of and profit from, I’m all about it! 

What’s your favourite soap you make?

That’s hard I love them all! I always have purpose in why I make a certain flavoured soap. I love lily pily soap because it pushes my passion for bush tucker further, and I source it from our beautiful community. My lime soap is also sourced locally. It’s all about the relationships I have with the community that makes me love these two soaps. 

To be honest it’s why I love making soap so much. I have the most amazing conversations with all walks of life indigenous and non-indigenous alike. Just the other day I was having a conversation about frankincense with a customer and started discussing how it was used through the ages. They’re my favourite moments about owning Gillies Patch.

Gillies Patch - handmade soap range


 What do you love about regional produce?

It’s honestly the people behind it from the Provenance flour at Northstar, to the olive oil from Macintyre brook it’s an inspiration to see people who are completely dedicated to their craft. I have to include Anthony who farms pumpkins at Yelarbon and Karbullah lamb. I would also like to give respect to the Bigambul people who are the Traditional Owners of the land in which Goondiwindi resides as they have inspired me and taught me about their produce and their way of life. All of these locals create a pretty special community to live in.

What do you believe makes Goondiwindi special?

The Macintyre river and definitely the community. I love the easy and friendly access to farmers and bush tucker.

Gillies Patch - pink clay handmade soap


What are your favourite local businesses in the Goondiwindi region?

Silver Linings, Karbullah Lamb, Macintyre Brook Olive Oil.

I love these businesses for their family-oriented and hands-on approach. Nothing has ever been too hard when I have asked for a product or to have a conversation.

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